Florida Rainy Season & Your AC Unit

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All over Southwest Florida, heavy rains are common, especially as tropical storms or hurricanes approach. No matter if you are in Sarasota, Fort Myers or Naples, Conditioned Air has you covered. If you have ever wondered “Does rain affect my air conditioning unit,” the short answer is “No.” In most cases, rain is safe for… Read more »

Summer is back in Southwest Florida!

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Summer in Southwest Florida can be brutal. Are you ready? Most importantly, is your AC Unit ready? Don’t be surprised and left out in the heat this summer. We can come out and make sure your unit is ready for summer. Manufacturers suggest getting your unit checked twice per year to keep your unit under… Read more »


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In areas of high humidity, such as Southwest Florida, controlling the amount of moisture in the air is as critical to your comfort as controlling the temperature. In many areas, air conditioning alone is enough to maintain comfortable humidity levels. But in more humid areas, or in homes with poor ventilation, additional dehumidification may be necessary. How… Read more »