Summer in Southwest Florida can be brutal. Are you ready? Most importantly, is your AC Unit ready?

Don’t be surprised and left out in the heat this summer. We can come out and make sure your unit is ready for summer. Manufacturers suggest getting your unit checked twice per year to keep your unit under warranty.

In case you didn’t know, we offer maintenance agreements where we come make a house call twice per year to keep your HVAC unit cleaned and running properly. It’s just like your car, it needs love too.

If you have any questions about just what our maintenance agreements are all about, please feel free to live chat with us here on our website or by calling us anywhere in southwest Florida at 1-888-COLD-AIR.

We are proud to serve from Bradenton to Naples so let us keep you cool all summer long!










Are you wondering what to do before you head back north for the summer? Here’s a checklist of what to do before you go.



      • Close your blinds
      • Bring in your lanai furniture or any other things that could blow away in a storm
      • Clean your kitchen thoroughly: You don’t want to attract bugs.
      • Empty all trash cans in your home or you will come back to smells you may not like
      • Do a Marie Kondo type purge of things you may not need. Goodwill is a great place to drop off things you may no longer use.
      • Shut off your water
      • Cover toilets, sinks and drains with plastic cling wrap
      • Check all appliances to verify they are off so you conserve power over the long summer
      • Move furniture away from your homes walls to help prevent mildew
      • Open interior doors so air flow can happen
      • Lock all entrances especially your garage door from the inside.
      • Engage thermostats and humidity controls, try a Nest thermostat so you can operate your home’s temp from wherever you are this summer
      • Turn on your alarm before you leave
      • Let your condo or association you will be gone and when you will return.
      • Contact the USPS and hold or forward your mail.
      • If you are leaving a car in the garage, make sure you take the battery cables off to prevent the car from draining the battery over the summer.
      • Drive safe!




Before you head back north, make sure you schedule your preventive maintenance tune-up today. If you are a snowbird and leave Southwest Florida for the summer it’s always a good idea to have us come out and make sure your hvac system is in tip-top shape to survive the long hot Florida summer. The last thing you want to come back to in the fall is mold. Mold is always a concern when you are going to be away from your home for a long period of time.

With technology today, you can also have us install a Nest thermostat, which you can control right from your smartphone, anywhere in the world. It’s a really good option if you are indeed a snowbird who visits us just in the winter here in Southwest Florida.

Want to learn more about tips for snowbirds? Call us anytime at 1-888-COLD-AIR from anywhere in Southwest Florida.