The Life of “Shorty”

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Today marks a big milestone in the life of William “Shorty” Sander, our longtime service professional and Field Supervisor. Longtime does not do it justice as today is Shorty’s 50th anniversary with Conditioned Air. Yes, five zero, 50. He came to work on July 24, 1968 when CAC had only 12 people. 50 years of… Read more »

Choosing Air Filters For Your Home: Understanding Your Choices

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In many HVAC systems, the air filter is primarily designed to protect the system from dust accumulation and particles that could cause system damage, but higher-quality filters can also help to improve indoor air quality by removing, dust, pollen, pet dander and other undesirable particles. Air filters are classified by their MERV ratings, with a… Read more »

3 Easy Ways To Help Control Summer Allergies

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With so many plants blooming, summer can be a difficult time for allergy suffers in Southwest Florida. While there is not much you can do about the pollen counts outside, there are several simple ways to control summer allergies inside your home, creating a comfortable retreat for the worst days. Service the Air Conditioning System… Read more »