The recovery process is sometimes a slow and painful process. The amount of people coming out of the woodwork to help is outstanding. Our employees here at Conditioned Air have been incredible and are a strong bunch of folks who are not only taking care of our customers but also taking care of things at home. Our hats off to them and to our entire community from Bradenton to Naples that have went above and beyond to help those in need. Here’s just a sample of those who are due a thank you…

Our employees
Our military
First responders
Energy workers
Tree crews
Grocery employees
Gas stations
Truck drivers
State/County/City Workers
& So many more…


Our community is truly amazing. Hurricane Irma cannot stop the love and beauty of Southwest Florida. It’s so amazing to see people come together helping each other and we are glad to be of service helping those in need. We will all come back stronger than ever.

So many people deserve kudos here’s just a few…


Wink News, WFLA Tampa, & ABC 7 Sarasota: For their extended weather coverage keeping everyone up to date

Publix Supermarkets: Before, during and after the storm getting people the supplies they need.

Gas Stations: Race-Trac, WaWa and many many others for providing fuel to the masses

FPL & Other Co-Ops from states coming in to help repair the damage.

Last but not least: Governor Rick Scott & all First Responders, for doing a wonderful job getting the word out and responding to those in need

Thank you all!














One of Conditioned Air’s passions is helping those who serve our country. Whether it’s hiring a vet who needs a new career or helping a Vet who served this great country we live in. Yesterday was a great day as we watched Army Staff Sergeant Adel Brito, Jr. close on his home which was gifted to him by @BuildingHomesforHeroes. We played a part by installing the HVAC equipment, donated by the YORK brand of Johnson Controls. We feel honored to be able to give back to our local veterans and will continue to support them in any way we can!