Are Variable-speed Heat Pumps Worth the Cost?

Variable-speed systems deliver consistent indoor temperatures. The high-efficiency HVAC systems accomplish this by making constant incremental adjustments to output based on the real-time needs of your home.

Who Benefits Most With Variable-speed Heat Pumps

These high-end heat pumps deliver maximum homeowner benefits in hot, humid regions like Naples. In cooler regions of the U.S., this cutting-edge heating and cooling technology can still be beneficial depending on your indoor comfort preferences.

What Are the Advantages of Variable-speed Systems

Variable-speed heat pumps are one of the most energy-efficient HVAC options on the market. A variable-speed system can boost energy efficiency from 20% to 50% while maintaining your comfort and saving you money in the bargain. These cutting-edge systems maintain consistent indoor comfort by running at low speed almost constantly instead of turning off and on.

These high-efficiency units keep indoor temperatures within one-half of a degree or less of the thermostat setting. With a variable-speed heat pump, you’ll be rid of those sudden temperature shifts. Although variable-speed systems are almost always running, they are still exceptionally quiet. Long running times mean more air passing through the filter and cleaner indoor air. The long, slow running times also permit greater humidity control.

What Are the Disadvantages of Variable-speed Systems

Variable-speed systems are a high-tech and relatively new technology. As such, they are at risk for installation errors. Not all HVAC contractors understand how these complex systems work. If you think a variable-speed system is for you, find an experienced contractor with the skills and expertise to install variable-speed systems properly.

The specialists at Conditioned Air have mastered the science of variable speed heat pump installation. Call us in Naples to learn more about efficient HVAC equipment.

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