3 Sounds You Don’t Want Your Heat Pump to Make in Venice, FL

A heat pump that is in good condition produces soft humming sounds as it works to heat or cool your Venice, FL home. Any other disturbing noise from your system may be an indicator of trouble. Learn more about some potentially worrisome heat pump noises and what they mean.

1. Whirring

This noise is similar to rotating helicopter blades. The noise suggests that the indoor or outdoor fan has a problem. The fan blades may be loose, or the bearings of the blower fan motor may be loose.

A broken belt may also cause this noise. Also, you may hear a whirring sound when pollutants, such as pieces of paper or debris, become trapped in the outdoor unit.

2. Banging

This noise sounds as if a metallic object is hitting another metallic object. It occurs when a loose part falls out of place and starts colliding with other components as your heat pump runs. For instance, the loose component may fall in the way of rotating fan blades.

The noise may also occur if a foreign object enters your heat pump, and the fan blades hit it as they rotate. The loose component can cause expensive repairs if it continues colliding with other parts. Therefore, turn off your system immediately after you detect this noise and schedule repair services.

3. Whistling

Your heat pump has a unique component called a compressor that enables the refrigerant to release heat. After the refrigerant leaves the evaporator unit loaded with heat during winter, it passes through the compressor. The compressor increases the refrigerant’s pressure and temperature.

When the high-pressure fluid arrives at the indoor coil, heat moves from the refrigerant to the indoor air since heat moves from a highly concentrated area to a lowly concentrated area. If there are tiny holes in the refrigerant lines, you will hear whistling sounds as the high-pressure fluid escapes through these perforations.

Don’t ignore any weird noise you hear from your system, as leaving the issue unaddressed worsens the problem. Contact Conditioned Air for outstanding heating services. Our team will find the cause of the noise and address it.

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