New Innovations in Home Thermostats Mean Big Energy Savings

Compared to older thermostats, especially mechanical models, today’s thermostats are extremely advanced and incredibly easy to use. Many manufacturers now offer at least one type of touch screen thermostat, which eliminates older technology like mechanical armatures or physical buttons that operate confusing menus. The touch screen thermostat offers many helpful features that set it apart… Read More »

Why Sizing Matters So Much for Home Cooling

Installing an HVAC system that is not properly sized for your home can lead to problems, such as poor heating and cooling performance, excessive energy usage and higher maintenance and repair costs. Sizing HVAC systems properly is essential to their performance and takes far more than a simple “rule of thumb” estimate. Effects of Improper… Read More »

New Advances in Pool Heaters

As the temperature changes through the seasons, it is nice to have a pool heater installed that can keep the water in your pool at the perfect temperature no matter how cool it is outside. While many older pool heaters were difficult to use and inefficient, new advances have increased their efficiency significantly, and new… Read More »

New Innovations in Ductless Mini-Split Systems

One of the easiest ways to add a cooling system to an existing home is by installing a ductless mini split air conditioning system. Unlike central air conditioners, these systems do not require a duct system and they use only a small conduit to connect the indoor and outdoor portions. Today’s ductless mini split systems are… Read More »

Air Conditioner Freezing Up? This Could Be Why

One of the most common air conditioning problems in South Florida is a frozen evaporator coil, which happens when the evaporator coil cannot absorb heat correctly and its temperature drops below freezing, turning any condensed moisture on the coil into ice. Not only does this prevent the system from cooling properly, it can also cause… Read More »

Quick Guide for Troubleshooting Your AC Unit

An air conditioner that isn’t working properly can be a cause for concern, but it shouldn’t make you panic. Sometimes a few simple troubleshooting steps can let you resolve the problem and get the system working again without the need to call for repair. Here are a few things to look for when troubleshooting air… Read More »

The End of R22: What it Means for Your Old Air Conditioner

Florida homeowners with older air conditioners may soon be facing a difficult choice: replace their cooling systems or continue to pursue increasingly costly and hard-to-find R22 refrigerant when their ACs need a tune-up. Standards for types of refrigerants used in air conditioning system maintenance are changing, and this means that this most common and least expensive refrigerant… Read More »

3 Benefits of a Whole-House Air Filtration System

The quality of your Southwest Florida home’s indoor air is just as important as the air quality outdoors. Considering how 90 percent of an average person’s time is spent indoors, it pays to have an effective way of keeping your home’s indoor air healthy. Fortunately, a whole-house air filtration system offers the perfect solution to… Read More »

Best Practices for Air Conditioner Maintenance

The air conditioner in your home or business means more to you than comfort on hot Florida days. It also represents an investment of hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars in equipment that should give you years of reliable service. The best way to ensure your cooling system works at its best for as long as… Read More »

Picking the Right HVAC Contractor: What You Need to Know

When there is something wrong with your home’s HVAC system, it won’t take long for things to get uncomfortable. You might not have the time to do an extended search of the HVAC contractors in Sarasota to find just the right one. Friends and family can also help steer you in the right direction, so… Read More »