Summer Air Conditioner Maintenance: It’s Not Too Soon

Summer may seem like it’s a long time away, but it’s never too early to think about summer air conditioner maintenance. By scheduling your summer air conditioner maintenance visit now, you can make sure that your system is completely ready for the hot and humid weather of Southwest Florida. You’ll also avoid your HVAC contractor’s busy season which is often during the early summer when people discover that their air conditioners are not working as expected.

Why Routine Maintenance is Critical

Routine maintenance extends the life of your air conditioning system by eliminating unnecessary causes of major system problems, such as a compressor that overheats and fails due to dust accumulation on the evaporator coil. By performing regular maintenance and correcting small problems that could cause major failures, you not only extend the life of the system, you also ensure that it continues to run efficiently, reducing energy usage, lowering your utility bills and protecting your system’s remaining manufacturer warranty.

What is Done During the Maintenance Visit

The HVAC technician will inspect your system thoroughly, checking for problems such as dirty coils, refrigeration leaks and electrical problems. The technician will then perform routine maintenance, which typically includes cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils, checking refrigerant levels, cleaning the blower fan, adjusting the blower motor belt, lubricating the blower motor and pulleys, changing the air filter and inspecting the electrical system. If any problems are found, the technician will recommend possible solutions and perform any repairs that you have agreed to.

What You Can Do Between Visits

There are also several things that you can do between service visits to keep your system running properly. This includes checking your air filter regularly—about once a month—and replacing it when it becomes dirty. You should also keep the supply and return vents free of obstructions, such as furniture or curtains, and keep the area around the condenser coil clean and free of debris.

For more information about summer air conditioner maintenance, talk to our cooling experts at Conditioned Air.

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