Sealing Air Leaks Will Save You Money

Any gaps or leaks that allow conditioned air to escape your Florida home (or that allow unconditioned air to enter it) can reduce the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, leading to increased energy costs. By finding and sealing air leaks with these tips, you can save money and be more comfortable throughout the year.

Windows and Doors

Poorly-sealed windows and doors often feel drafty and can contribute significantly to higher energy costs. Use weatherstripping along the bottoms and tops of windows to seal gaps between the window and the frame, and use caulk to seal around the edges of the window frames, inside and out. Install weatherstripping around the inside of the door frame, where the door meets it, and use caulk around the edges of the frame. Install a door sweep to seal any gaps at the bottom of the door.


Warm air often escapes into the attic during heating season. Use caulk to seal around holes drilled for electrical lines, plumbing vents or lighting fixtures, or expanding foam if the gap is larger than ¼ inch. Seal around appliance flues and chimneys using high temperature caulk, and install a metal baffle to keep insulation away from any hot surfaces. Install baffles around recessed lighting, and seal soffits using caulk and insulation. Use unfaced insulation in plastic bags to seal any empty stud bays.

Exterior Walls

Any holes in the exterior walls can increase energy usage. Use caulk or expanding foam to seal holes drilled for plumbing, electric, or gas lines, as well as dryer vents or exhaust fan openings. Seal around any light fixtures, and repair or replace damaged siding. Use foam gaskets on interior outlets to seal the outlet covers.


Cool air often enters through the basement and is drawn into the rest of the home. Use caulk to seal around rim joists and the sill plate, as well as any holes drilled for plumbing or electric lines.

For more information about sealing air leaks around your home, talk to our experts at Conditioned Air, serving Southwest Florida since 1962.

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