Important Questions When Choosing Your Next Air Conditioner

Your air conditioning unit has finally gone out on you, or at least, you are being proactive in replacing it. While you can certainly find a model that is likely very similar to your old one, it might be worth considering other options. If you are looking to replace an air conditioner, there are some things to keep in mind when making the choice.

Key Factors When Deciding On Your New Air Conditioner

While you will need a professional to help you correctly size what air conditioner you need and to do the installation work, deciding on the type of air conditioner you need is all about asking yourself the right questions.

How Are Your Ducts?

If you do not have ducts in your home, installing a central air system will be an expense. However, they are seen as the standard. Alternatively, even if you have ducts, if you only spend time in certain areas of your home or rarely use your air conditioner, ductless systems may be something to consider.

Do You Want Customizable Cooling?

These days air conditioner systems and temperature control systems have come a long way. You can control temperature in each room if you so desire. This may mean a need for supplemental systems or choosing a system like a heating pump rather than just an air conditioner.

If your home previously had issues with uneven temperatures in rooms, you will also want to bring this up to your technician. It could be an issue in appropriate sizing or it could be a sign of duct issues as well.

Do You Need a Heater As Well?

If your heat system is on its last legs as well, or you don’t have one, you may want to consider a system that does both. Heat pumps, despite the name, do both heating and cooling of a home. They are actually excellent choices for areas that are mostly warm, but do have some chiller moments.

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