Get Your Home a New AC

With the ongoing pandemic, it is more important than ever to make sure you can breathe normally in your own home. As breathing difficulties increase, so do your chances of getting a disease. Not only would having a new AC installed help your life become easier to handle, it will also help ease your energy bill and can increase the value of your home.

Get Comfortable With a New AC

We tend to panic even more when we are uncomfortable and an improperly heated home can definitely add to that stress.  Not only can you help yourself stay calm by keeping your home cool, you also help prevent your body from losing an excessive amount of water which can cause dehydration. Having a heat stroke or suffering from dehydration isn’t any prettier than any other reason for going to the hospital, so prevent yourself from having massive medical bills because you couldn’t stay cool with your new AC.

People with breathing difficulties associated with asthma and allergies are also more likely to be affected by the current pandemic and may require trips to the hospital as well. Newer AC’s have better air filters than older models. Humidity is one of the primary factors for bacterial and mold growth which are also known causes for breathing difficulties. Having a new, properly maintained AC can slow or prevent these problems from getting worse.

Lower Your Electric Bills with a New AC

It is expensive to keep an AC running. Newer AC’s are way more energy efficient than the older ones which can drastically lower your electric bill. You can keep yourself occupied during these self-quarantine days by running more of your entertainment systems and running more appliances in general because you now have a lower electric bill.

New AC’s Can Add Up To 5% Value to Your Home

According to Consumer Reports, home automation is one of those new ways to increase the property value of your home and a new AC system is one of the popular ones, whether you are selling your home or not. 5% may sound insignificant but that translates to roughly an increased value of $5,000 – $15,000 to your home (assuming a typical value of 100k – 300k). For a 500 or 1000 dollar investment, that is a significant return.

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