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Are you wondering what to do before you head back north for the summer? Here’s a checklist of what to do before you go.



      • Close your blinds
      • Bring in your lanai furniture or any other things that could blow away in a storm
      • Clean your kitchen thoroughly: You don’t want to attract bugs.
      • Empty all trash cans in your home or you will come back to smells you may not like
      • Do a Marie Kondo type purge of things you may not need. Goodwill is a great place to drop off things you may no longer use.
      • Shut off your water
      • Cover toilets, sinks and drains with plastic cling wrap
      • Check all appliances to verify they are off so you conserve power over the long summer
      • Move furniture away from your homes walls to help prevent mildew
      • Open interior doors so air flow can happen
      • Lock all entrances especially your garage door from the inside.
      • Engage thermostats and humidity controls, try a Nest thermostat so you can operate your home’s temp from wherever you are this summer
      • Turn on your alarm before you leave
      • Let your condo or association you will be gone and when you will return.
      • Contact the USPS and hold or forward your mail.
      • If you are leaving a car in the garage, make sure you take the battery cables off to prevent the car from draining the battery over the summer.
      • Drive safe!