How Ductless Air Conditioning Systems Save Energy

Thanks to their simple installation process, ductless air conditioning systems are a popular way to add air conditioning to a home that lacks it, or to a new addition. With their unique designs and lack of energy-wasting ductwork, they are also extremely efficient. Here is how ductless air conditioning systems save energy and reduce your cooling costs.

Lack of Air Ducts

Typical central air conditioning systems use a series of independent air ducts to distribute the cooled air to each room. Even the most efficiently designed, well-insulated ducts will allow the conditioned air to warm slightly before it reaches its destination. As ductwork ages, it loses even more efficiency, with joints that leak conditioned air and insulation that becomes less effective or deteriorates over time. In the average air conditioning system, 30 to 40 percent of the energy used for cooling is wasted as air travels through the ductwork and either warms up or leaks out.

Ductless air conditioning systems feature an interior air handler consisting of an evaporator coil, fan and air filter, which is mounted directly in the room that requires cooling. Mounted outside, the other half features a condenser and compressor in one enclosure, and the two halves are connected through a small opening in the wall that carries the refrigerant lines, electrical cables and other components. By eliminating the ductwork, ductless air conditioners use 30 to 40 percent less energy than a traditional air conditioning system.

Optional Zoning

With ductless air conditioning systems, one or more air handlers can be added to a single compressor unit, with one air handler in each room that requires a cooling system. The temperature can be adjusted independently at each air handler, allowing some rooms to be cooler than others, or enabling you to completely shut off the cooling system in an unoccupied room. Compared to cooling systems with a single zone, this can save a significant amount of energy.

To learn more about how ductless air conditioning systems save energy, talk to our cooling experts at Conditioned Air. We serve Southwest Florida, including Ft. Myers, Naples, Cape Coral, Sarasota & Bradenton.

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