DIY Repairs: Avoid Voiding an HVAC Warranty

A new HVAC system usually represents an investment of several hundred dollars or more. In most cases, new HVAC equipment will be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty that protects you against certain types of defects or problems. Warranties can be voided, however, if you don’t follow appropriate procedures. One of the most common ways of voiding an HVAC warranty occurs if you try to repair the system yourself. If your cooling system is still under warranty, it’s best to avoid DIY repairs and leave these matters to an HVAC professional.

Maintaining Valid Warranties

To ensure the warranty remains valid and that the manufacturer will honor the warranty, you must ensure that repairs and preventive maintenance are performed by HVAC professionals. It may be tempting to try to avoid a repair bill by trying to fix problems yourself, but unless you are a qualified HVAC expert, leave the repairs to the pros. In some cases, the HVAC pro you use may even need to be trained and certified by the company that made your HVAC equipment.

By relying on an HVAC professional, you can be sure that the work is performed properly, that the system will work correctly when the repairs are complete, and that the system will be safe to use. Manufacturers will be assured that proper procedures have been followed during the repair, that authorized parts have been installed, and that other problems haven’t been introduced into the system during the repair procedure.

Maintenance You Can Do

While significant HVAC repairs require the services of a licensed professional, there are some minor maintenance tasks you can perform that will leave your warranty intact. These include:

  • Changing air filters.
  • Cleaning the interior and exterior of the cabinet.
  • Clearing grass and other vegetation from outside of the unit.

Conditioned Air provides expert HVAC maintenance and repair services for customers in Ft. Myers, Sarasota, Bradenton, and neighboring southwest Florida communities. Contact us today for more information on how to avoid voiding an HVAC warranty and for the professional repair services you need to fix your HVAC equipment while keeping your warranty intact.

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