Benefits of a Variable-Speed Air Handler

Many new HVAC systems offer what is known as a variable-speed air handler, which is responsible for distributing heated or cooled air throughout your home. Unlike single-speed models, which run at full speed whenever they are in operation, a variable-speed air handler can speed up or slow down to adjust to changing conditions. This has several advantages, and can make your Southwest Florida home much more comfortable.

Improved Energy Efficiency

The motor in an air handler can use a large amount of electricity when it is running at full speed, typically between 300 and 500 watts. With a single-speed air handler, the motor will turn on and off as the demand changes, but it is always at full speed when it is on. A variable-speed air handler can run as fast or as slow as needed to deliver the required amount of air. This reduces the overall energy usage of the system because the air handler only needs to run at full speed when the temperature is significantly above or below average.

Reduced Noise

Single-speed air handlers can be extremely loud when starting and running. Variable-speed air handlers tend to be quieter, because they can slowly pick up speed when starting, and they typically run at a lower speed when temperatures are about average.

Better Air Filtration

With a single-speed air handler, the air is only being filtered when the fan is turned on. A variable-speed model constantly moves air at a slower speed, which improves air quality by constantly removing foreign particles. It also helps reduce humidity during the summer by preventing condensation between air conditioning cycles.

Greater Comfort

A variable-speed air handler increases comfort by delivering the precise volume of heated or cooled air required to maintain the desired temperature. A single-speed system will cycle on and off to maintain the temperature, resulting in uneven temperatures between cycles or extreme temperature swings.

To learn more about HVAC systems that feature a variable-speed air handler, talk to our heating and cooling experts at Conditioned Air today. We serve Southwest Florida, including Ft. Myers, Sarasota, and Naples.

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