4 Signs Your Home Has Poor Indoor Air Quality

The quality of the air inside your home has a significant effect on both health and comfort. Here are some of the signs of poor indoor air quality you should be watching for. If you notice these signs, contact your local trusted HVAC professional for help.

1. Increased Discomfort or Health Problems

Poor indoor air quality can contribute to physical discomfort while also making some health problems worse.

  • Dust, pollen, mold, pet dander, and particulates in the air can trigger allergies or asthma attacks.
  • Particulates can irritate eyes, noses, and throats, causing unpleasant scratchy feelings.
  • Particulates can cause sneezing, coughing, watering eyes, and skin irritation.
  • In severe cases, poor indoor air quality can cause dizziness or nausea.

2. Increased Amounts of Dust

Take a look at the shelves and other surfaces in your home. If there is an increased amount of dust on these surfaces, it could indicate a problem with indoor air quality. More dust and particulates can be present in poor-quality air, and over time, this dust will settle on surfaces in your home. You may even see more dust floating through the air if it’s made visible in sunshine or other light sources.

3. Bad Odors

If you notice more bad odors than usual, or unpleasant smells that will not go away, you may have poor indoor air quality. Certain activities, such as cooking, may produce temporarily strong odors, but if the smells you’re noticing are frequent or consistent, it could indicate a reduction in indoor ventilation and a drop in indoor air quality.

4. Higher Humidity and Mold Growth

Higher humidity in your home could be an indicator of poor air quality. This is especially true if the increased humidity is also accompanied by more mold growth.

Since 1962 our people have made Conditioned Air a top choice for heating and cooling services in Bradenton, Sarasota, Ft. Myers, and the surrounding Florida communities. Contact us today for more information on identifying poor indoor air quality and what you can do to improve the quality of the air inside your home.

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