3 Crucial End of Season A/C Maintenance Tasks

Now that the main cooling season is over in Southwest Florida, it’s a good time to do some routine maintenance to your air conditioning system to prepare it for next year. It’s best to have a professional inspect and maintain the system, especially if it was not done at the beginning of the season, but there are several air conditioner maintenance tasks that you can do yourself to prepare the system for winter.

Clean the Condenser Coils

Over the fall and winter months, grass, leaves and dirt can find their way into the condenser coils, preventing proper airflow when the system is running and trapping moisture that can lead to corrosion when the system is idle. Once every 6 months or so, it’s a good idea to shut off power to the air conditioner and remove any debris that’s stuck in the coils, the system fan or around the compressor. Once the large debris has been removed, spray away smaller debris with a garden hose, using a commercial coil cleaning solution if necessary. Remove any large objects that are within two feet of the condenser unit, and trim any grass, bushes or other vegetation within the area to promote proper airflow when the system is running.

Change the Air Filter

Changing the air filter regularly is one of the most important air conditioner maintenance tasks, because it not only protects the system from harmful particles in the air, it also helps improve air quality. Before retiring the system for the cooler weather, make sure to install a new air filter or clean the reusable filter.

Clean the Condensate Drain

Any moisture that is removed from the air as the air conditioner operates is collected in a drip tray and disposed of through the condensate drain, which can easily become clogged with dirt or algae. Carefully clean the condensate drain and make sure that there is no residual moisture.

For more air conditioner maintenance tips, talk to our team at Conditioned Air, serving the Southwest Florida region.

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