3 Benefits of Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance and Why Hire a Professional to Do it

Keeping your AC unit operating efficiently helps keep your home comfortable and healthy. Nobody wants to suffer from heat and humidity. But, it’s not just this. Humidity can also cause mold and mildew growth, which can impact your respiratory health. Therefore, it’s important to keep your air conditioning system well-maintained. Below are three benefits of routine AC maintenance and why hiring a professional to perform this maintenance is a good idea.

Benefits of Routine AC Maintenance

A few advantages you’ll experience from ensuring your air conditioner is well-maintained are:

1. Reduces the Need for Costly Service Calls

Routine AC maintenance checkups allow HVAC technicians to make sure your AC system is operating smoothly and is in the best condition possible. They can replace any worn or damaged parts before they further deteriorate which could damage other components of the AC unit and impede the unit’s operation. This will save you a costly repair or replacement down the road.

2. Generates Better Air Quality

The trained and experienced HVAC technician will remove any debris and dirt particles that accumulate in your unit. If allowed to build up, the dirt and debris could end up in the duct system where it can spread throughout your house, causing poor air quality.

3. Boost your Air Conditioner’s Performance

Your AC unit won’t run efficiently without routine maintenance. If you notice spotty cooling where some rooms in your home are warm and others are like an icebox, it’s an indication that your unit requires maintenance.

As dust and debris accumulates inside your unit and certain components and parts of your system experience wear-and-tear, your AC unit tends to become less efficient and doesn’t cool as well as it should. 

Why Hire a Professional AC Maintenance Technician?

Not only will a professional HVAC technician perform routine maintenance on your AC unit, but there are other services they’ll do as well to ensure it continues operating at peak performance.

Some other services they perform:

  • Checking the refrigerant levels
  • Testing for refrigerant leaks
  • Checking for and sealing central system duct leakage
  • Checking belts for wear and tightness and oiling motors
  • Measuring evaporator coil airflow
  • Checking thermostat accuracy
  • Inspecting electric terminals, cleaning and tightening connections and applying a non-conductive coating if needed

In climates like Florida, you can keep your home cool and comfortable with a high-efficiency AC system. With proper routine maintenance, you’ll continue staying comfortable, even on the hottest days, while keeping your utility costs down. 

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