3 Benefits Of Home Service Agreements

One of the best ways to protect the air conditioning system in your Florida home is with regular maintenance, which will help keep the system running efficiently and prevent premature failure. HVAC service agreements make keeping up with your system’s maintenance requirements simple and convenient, and they offer several benefits for Southwest Florida homeowners.

Automatic Service Reminders

When it is time to perform routine maintenance, like cleaning the coils, replacing the air filter and checking the refrigerant levels, your HVAC provider can send reminders that service is due, so that you can schedule an appointment for a convenient date and time. This makes it less likely that you will forget, and allows your provider to make sure your service is completed before the busier parts of the year, when it will be harder to schedule an appointment.

Reduced Cooling Costs

HVAC service agreements prevent common air conditioning problems like dirty air filters and coils, which can make it harder for the system to move air through the ducts and to remove heat from your home. With proper maintenance according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, your system will run more efficiently, reducing your cooling costs and helping the environment.

Avoiding Future Problems

With frequent service visits, your HVAC provider will become familiar with your system and will be able to spot minor problems, like airflow obstructions or refrigerant leaks, before they cause further damage to the system, or a complete system failure. Not only will this reduce your repair costs, but it will extend the life of your air conditioning system. Finally, if you do have a problem, because you have a maintenance agreement and an existing relationship, you will receive priority service and other valuable incentives.

To learn more about the many benefits of HVAC service agreements, or to learn which plans are available for your system, talk to our HVAC experts at Conditioned Air today. We have been serving Southwest Florida, from Bradenton to Marco Island, since 1962.

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