Should You Upgrade Your HVAC for a Home Addition?

If you have done a home remodel and added onto your home, you have a lot that is getting your consideration. You want to make sure it is structurally sound and even looks nice with the rest of your home. However, one thing you definitely want to give your attention to, especially as the temperature drops, is if your home’s HVAC can handle it.

The HVAC that was installed in your home was specifically sized for your home before you added on to it. If the renovation was very small or not an enclosed room, you should be alright not making any HVAC additions. However, if you added a whole room to your house, you need to make plans to add onto your HVAC as well.

When you added the new room, you should have had the ducts extended as well as part of the construction. However, what you need to keep in mind is that your current HVAC system may not be able to keep up. The heating and cooling appliances were sized for your old home and you may now need to get new appliances to keep up with demand. If you have noticed that your HVAC is running longer or not reaching the temperatures you set, it is time to give it some consideration.

An alternative, particularly if you did not run ducts to the addition during construction, is to look into ductless systems to augment your needs. These systems are installed in your home without ducts as a supplemental heating and cooling system for individual rooms. They can help supplement the temperature in this case or simply allow for more flexible heating and cooling in an area. It can be a more affordable alternative to replacing both your heating and cooling appliances because your home is now too big for them to keep up.

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