New Innovations in Home Thermostats Mean Big Energy Savings

Compared to older thermostats, especially mechanical models, today’s thermostats are extremely advanced and incredibly easy to use. Many manufacturers now offer at least one type of touch screen thermostat, which eliminates older technology like mechanical armatures or physical buttons that operate confusing menus. The touch screen thermostat offers many helpful features that set it apart from less sophisticated models, especially when it comes to saving energy and reducing your utility costs.


Enhanced Programming Options

Unlike earlier programmable thermostats that were difficult to program, especially if you had a complex schedule, the typical touch screen thermostat is very easy to program, with menus that are simple to use and organized intelligently. This ensures that you will be able to easily optimize the program to maximize your energy savings and reduce your utility costs. By having the thermostat reduce the temperature automatically when you go to sleep or to work in the winter, or raise it during the summer, you can save up to 20 percent off your utility bills. Some of the most advanced models offer automatic programming, which learns your schedule and sets the thermostat to the optimal settings automatically.

WiFi Connection

Most touch screen models offer network access over WiFi, allowing you to control and program the thermostat from a computer, tablet or mobile phone that is connected to the local network, or even from a device that is connected over the internet. This allows you to easily edit the thermostat’s program and settings so that you can save the most money, or, with remote access, adjust the program as necessary to accommodate schedule changes.

Other Features

Thanks to the Internet connection, a touch screen thermostat can display local weather information, and some models can even use it to adjust the temperature automatically. If you are away from home and a problem arises with your HVAC system, a few models can alert you by email, text or phone.

For more information about the features available on the latest touch screen thermostat models, contact our team at Conditioned Air today. We have been serving the Southwest Florida area since 1962.

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