New Advances in Pool Heaters

As the temperature changes through the seasons, it is nice to have a pool heater installed that can keep the water in your pool at the perfect temperature no matter how cool it is outside. While many older pool heaters were difficult to use and inefficient, new advances have increased their efficiency significantly, and new technologies enable easy control over the temperature of your pool or spa.


Natural Gas or Propane Heaters

Natural gas and propane models have made significant improvements in efficiency, and tend to heat faster than heat pump or solar models, but they typically are more expensive to operate. Some of the more significant improvements include:

  • Dual thermostats: Dual thermostats monitor incoming and outgoing water temperatures to ensure proper heating.
  • Electronic ignition: Piezoelectric or hot surface igniters use less energy than pilot lights and cannot be blown out in windy conditions.
  • Better heat exchangers: Titanium or nickel heat exchangers provide more efficient water heating.
  • Digital controls: Digital controls are easier to use, and can be programmable to provide automatic control.

Heat Pump Pool Heaters

Heat pump-based models, such as the ComfortSwim Pool Heater, have benefited from significant improvements that make them easier to use, more efficient, and quieter. These advances include:

  • Improved heat exchangers: Titanium heat exchangers resist corrosion and provide better heat transfer.
  • Better expansion valves: Improved expansion valves provide better control over refrigerant flow, improving efficiency, especially at lower outdoor temperatures.
  • Improved coil designs: Better coil designs lead to more efficient heat transfers.
  • Better compressors: Optional scroll compressors are quieter and more efficient, reducing energy usage.
  • Quieter fans: Variable-speed system fans are quieter and more efficient.
  • Electronic controls: Digital controls make the system easy to use.

Solar Pool Heaters

Improvements in the collector designs and materials continue to increase the efficiency of solar heaters, and when used in combination with gas, propane or heat pump models, they can significantly reduce energy costs.

To learn more about the features available on pool heaters, contact our team at Conditioned Air today. We serve southwest Florida, including the Naples, Ft. Myers and Sarasota areas.

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