How to Check if Your Ducts are Leaking

Over time, the duct system for your HVAC may manifest damage. Small tears, loose joints, cracks, or any other damage can manifest. When it does, ducts with damage typically take on symptoms that can be confused for a lot of HVAC system problems. 

You will notice your utility bills going up, you may notice that rooms that used to be normal temperatures will now vary from the rest of the house, and you may even notice odd smells or dust coming in from the registers. However, the most conclusive way to tell if you have a breached duct is to find the breach. 

In many houses, this is simple. You may be able to find the breach in your ducts by inspecting them in your attic or basement. Unfortunately, other homes can be more difficult. If your ductwork is installed in your concrete slab, you won’t be able to visually inspect it. While this also protects it from air leaks in a way, the unfortunate reality is that you will have to worry about water making its way in there. This means mold and bad smells will become your reality if not repaired eventually. 

If you can visually inspect your ductwork, you will want to look for breaches in the system from every angle. Of course, the easiest way to find breaches is to turn on your HVAC system. When there is air blowing through the ducts, all you need to do is follow the breeze to the problem area. 

Once found, it may be tempting to put a spot of duct tape on it, and that can help, but it is a temporary bandage. You will want to call your HVAC service in order to get the breach properly patched and make sure there aren’t any more breaches lurking around. Contact us at Conditioned Air for more information or to schedule service today!

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