How to Get the Most from Your Air Conditioner

Even with an efficient air conditioning system, the hot and humid climate of Southwest Florida can make it difficult, not to mention expensive, to stay comfortable. Here are a few A/C operating tips for Southwest Florida that can help you stay cool at a reasonable cost:

Have the System Maintained Regularly

Routine maintenance helps your air conditioning system run at peak efficiency, saving energy and money. Have the system professionally inspected at least once a year. By making sure that the air filters are replaced often, the coils are cleaned, the refrigerant is topped off, and the blower motor is cleaned and lubricated, your system will not have to work as hard to keep you comfortable.

Reduce Heat Gain

Any sources of additional heat in your home can make it harder for your air conditioner to cool properly. Minimize heat gain by avoiding activities like cooking, washing dishes, washing clothes or bathing until cooler periods of the day, and add shades or blinds to block the heat of the sun. Locate your air conditioner condenser in a shaded area, if possible, and make sure the attic is vented to draw out excess heat.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Add a programmable thermostat to your system and set it to raise the temperature 5 to 10 degrees while you’re away from home, then reduce it about an hour before you are due to arrive. This can reduce cooling costs by up to 15 percent without sacrificing comfort. Add fans to make it feel cooler, and you may be able to save money by raising the temperature a few degrees.

Seal and Insulate

Many homes in Southwest Florida are poorly insulated. Have your home inspected and add insulation where necessary, especially in the attic, which will help your system cool more efficiently. Use weatherstripping, caulk or spayed foam to seal around windows, doors, pipes, wires and other places where cold air can escape.

To discover more A/C operating tips for Southwest Florida, talk to our home comfort team at Conditioned Air. We have been providing quality A/C services to Southwest Florida since 1962.

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