7 Signs Your Furnace May Break Down in Bradenton, FL

As a homeowner living in Bradenton, FL, you know just how essential it is to maintain your home’s furnace. If you are living in a home with an outdated furnace, it’s important to learn the most common signs and indications that the unit is about to break down. Understanding the signs of an impending furnace breakdown is essential for knowing when it’s time to call on professionals for help.

1. Higher Electricity Bills

If you are not running your furnace more frequently than usual, yet you are also receiving electricity bills that are much higher than normal, your furnace may be the culprit. When a furnace is older or is no longer working efficiently, it is not uncommon to notice a spike in your monthly energy bills. A thorough inspection, furnace repair work, or a complete replacement (in some cases) will help remedy the issue.

2. Strange Noises

Hearing strange noises coming from your furnace is never a good sign, especially if your furnace is newer. Any loud booms, banging, squealing, or clanking sounds indicate an issue with internal components. In some instances, strange noises simply require a bit of maintenance or a replacement part, depending on the root cause of the issue.

3. Foul Odors

While this is a less common issue, foul odors also indicate a bigger problem with your home’s furnace. If your furnace is generating odors that smell of burning metal, for example, there are likely malfunctions occurring with your furnace’s internal components. In some cases, it is also an indicator that the furnace is overheating.

4. An Increase in Cycling

If you notice your furnace in Bradenton is turning on and off on its own, it likely requires a thorough inspection to prevent a complete breakdown. Frequently on and off cycling of a furnace is typically referred to as short cycling. This is typically a result of things like clogged air filters, blocked vents, issues with the thermostat, or ductwork problems.

5. Lack of Warm Air

If you notice a lack of warm or hot air coming from your vents, even when your furnace’s thermostat is set to a higher temperature, components in your unit are likely malfunctioning. Seeking heating repair services from professionals will help pinpoint if the lack of warm air is due to the furnace’s ignition setup or the pilot light. Working with a professional will also help determine if your furnace currently has a malfunctioning burner contributing to the lack of warm air in the home.

6. Age

Unfortunately, furnaces require replacements after approximately 15-20 years in most residential homes. Learning more about the current make, model, and age of your furnace is highly recommended as a homeowner. It is also important to remember that as your home’s furnace ages, it is not unusual for it to experience an uptick in breakdowns and repairs.

7. Yellow Flame

Spotting a yellow flame where your furnace’s blue flame typically appears is a serious concern. Carbon monoxide leaks are typically present where a flickering or yellow flame is present (in gas furnaces). If you do spot a yellow flame or if the flame inside your furnace is flickering, it is imperative to immediately turn off your furnace’s source of power to seek emergency assistance from an HVAC professional.

If the yellow flickering flame in your furnace is an indication of a carbon monoxide leak, it is essential to remove all members and pets from your household immediately to prevent CO exposure.

Learning how to properly identify when a furnace is on the verge of a breakdown is imperative for all homeowners. If you are living in Bradenton, FL, call to find the furnace repair assistance you need with Conditioned Air; our experienced, professional technicians will help ensure proper inspections, maintenance, repairs, or replacements of components as necessary, depending on your furnace’s issue.

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