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Air ducts play an essential role in uniformly heating and cooling your house, but they also harbor a dirty little secret. At Conditioned Air, we're here to spill the beans and help you protect both your comfort and your air quality in Naples, Venice, Ft. Myers, Englewood, Port Charlotte, Sarasota, Bradenton, North Venice, FL, and the surrounding areas with our air duct cleaning services.

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The Dirty Secret Your Ductwork Is Hiding

While HVAC ducts are designed to distribute conditioned air throughout your home, that's rarely all they're transporting. As air flows through your system, it often takes dust and other particulates along for the ride. Over time, these particles accumulate inside your ductwork and around your HVAC components. Leaky ducts are especially problematic, pulling in even more dust from the spaces around them.

In fact, the air ducts in a typical home can collect up to 40 pounds of dust per year. That's about as much weight as a five-gallon bucket of water! Even worse, this dust can easily become airborne again, spreading throughout your home as well as your HVAC system.

The Benefits of Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Naturally, such a large reservoir of dust is bad news for your indoor air quality. By adding more particulates to the air, dirty ducts can indirectly worsen allergies, irritate airways, and trigger other adverse health effects. Dusty ductwork can also foul up air filters and other HVAC components, hampering performance and causing increased wear. To solve these problems, the qualified professionals at Conditioned Air employ powerful tools and techniques to deliver proven duct cleaning results. After our experts are done, we're confident you'll enjoy:

  • Better overall health and wellness
  • A cleaner, fresher-smelling home
  • Less dust in the air and on surfaces
  • Reduced HVAC wear and tear
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • More uniform heating and cooling

Is Your Home Due for a Duct Cleaning?

Here at Conditioned Air, we don't believe in pushing unnecessary services on our customers just to make a quick buck. While air duct cleaning is an important facet of routine HVAC maintenance, we recognize that it's not always necessary. That's why our specialists only recommend it when we believe it makes sense based on the state of your HVAC system. There are also a few important signs that may alert you when you're overdue for an air duct cleaning. These include:

  • Excessive dust in your home or around your air vents
  • Unusually frequent air filter changes
  • Worsening allergies or asthma symptoms
  • Funky, unpleasant odors with no identifiable source
  • Noticeable changes in your HVAC airflow
  • Steadily rising energy expenses

Simply put, cleaner HVAC ductwork means a cleaner, healthier, more efficient home. To schedule a professional air duct cleaning today, contact your Southwest Florida HVAC specialists at Conditioned Air.

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