4 DIY Maintenance Tips for Your AC Unit

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Our air conditioning units in Southwest Florida run more than anywhere else in the United States. The average lifespan of a HVAC unit in Southwest Florida is 10-12 years which means it is very important to make sure your unit has proper care and preventative maintenance. We recommend our maintenance plans for proper and professional… Read more »


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In areas of high humidity, such as Southwest Florida, controlling the amount of moisture in the air is as critical to your comfort as controlling the temperature. In many areas, air conditioning alone is enough to maintain comfortable humidity levels. But in more humid areas, or in homes with poor ventilation, additional dehumidification may be necessary. How… Read more »

Conditioned Air Supports Race For The Cure

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We are proud once again to announce our support for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer foundation. Here is our CEO Theo presenting a $2000 check with Gator Country 101.9 today in Bonita Springs.