Air Conditioner MaintenanceThe air conditioner in your home or business means more to you than comfort on hot Florida days. It also represents an investment of hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars in equipment that should give you years of reliable service. The best way to ensure your cooling system works at its best for as long as possible is through regular preventive maintenance. Here are some useful best practices for air conditioner maintenance and some reasons why you should consider a maintenance service agreement.

  • Check the filters: The filters in your air conditioner help clean the air moving through your cooling system and into your indoor spaces. They also contribute to the airflow needed to ensure the equipment operates properly. Dirty, clogged air filters are a major contributor to cooling system malfunctions and breakdowns. Check these filters at least once a month and change them when they get dirty.
  • Ensure proper airflow: The conditions surrounding the outside unit of your air conditioning system also affect system airflow. Make sure that grass, weeds, hedges, tree limbs, and other vegetation is trimmed away from the outside unit to provide plenty of clearance for proper airflow. Remove mud, dirt, leaves, sticks, and other material from the cabinet vents.
  • Hire a professional: Almost anyone can change an air conditioner filter, but when it comes to the more complex technical elements of preventive maintenance, always hire a professional HVAC technician. Your HVAC expert will be able to evaluate the performance and condition of your cooling system and make necessary adjustments and minor repairs that will improve performance and extend the equipment’s lifespan.
  • Purchase a maintenance service agreement: Sometimes called a service contract, a maintenance service agreement provides for an agreed-upon schedule of maintenance services from your HVAC service provider. Your HVAC company will schedule maintenance visits for you. Many service agreements also provide benefits such as discounts and expedited service.

Conditioned Air serves residential and commercial air conditioning customers in Ft. Myers, Naples, Bradenton, and Sarasota. Contact us today for more information on air conditioner maintenance and to find out more about our maintenance service agreement plans.


HVAC ContractorWhen there is something wrong with your home’s HVAC system, it won’t take long for things to get uncomfortable. You might not have the time to do an extended search of the HVAC contractors in Sarasota to find just the right one. Friends and family can also help steer you in the right direction, so ask them for referrals. You may end up with a couple good names. Still, it’s best to look a little deeper to make the perfect choice for your home. Here are some keys to look for when you are seeking a trusted and respected contractor to do the repairs on your home.

The first item on your list should be asking about HVAC certifications and national memberships. Many such organizations, like the North American Technician Excellence program, are dedicated to testing members on their comprehensive field knowledge, ensuring they are up to date.

It is important that you pick a contractor that is licensed, bonded and insured. The state of Florida requires anyone working in the HVAC industry be licensed through the Construction Industry Licensing Board (CILB). Being licensed through the CILB indicates the contractor meets the state’s requirements for training and field experience. Possible contractors should be bonded, which covers you if a contractor fails to meet the terms of your contract. They should also be fully insured, which covers you in case someone is injured while working at your home, or sustains injuries due to their negligence.

There are a number of signs to be wary of, as well. Choosing the right HVAC system depends on a number of factors, including the size of your home. HVAC contractors in Sarasota that offer to quote you an estimate over the phone without having ever seen your home, or that offer what seems to be a very cheap estimate should be avoided.

The name at the top of your list for HVAC service and repair should always be Conditioned Air. We’ve been serving southwest Florida homes just like yours since 1962. Contact us the next time things start to get uncomfortable in your home.


Upgrade Your Air Conditioning UnitWith the hot and humid summers in Southwest Florida, air conditioners are all but required, and if the system in your home is showing its age, it may be time for a new A/C installation. There are several signs that it may be time to upgrade, and they should be considered carefully.

Utility Bills Have Increased Dramatically

As the components of your air conditioner begin to wear and fail, the system’s efficiency will gradually decrease and its cooling effectiveness will wane. If the system is a few years old, it may already be inefficient, and though you could keep it running with frequent filter replacements and minor maintenance, its lack of efficiency will start to add up, leaving you with huge utility bills. Eventually, the accumulated operating costs will become higher than the cost of a new system.

Frequent Repairs are Required

When your system starts breaking down frequently, and the repair bills start creeping higher, it may be time to consider a new A/C installation. Once major components like the blower motor or compressor start failing, it’s only a matter of time before the others follow, because they all tend to have similar life spans. Upgrading to a new system can reduce your maintenance costs significantly and it will be far less trouble than scheduling all those service visits.

The System is Over 10 Years Old

Even if your air conditioner is running perfectly fine now, you should be ready to replace it if it is over 10 years old. Most air conditioners have an expected lifespan of 10 to 15 years with proper maintenance, or shorter if the maintenance was erratic or incomplete. At this point major components will begin to fail and it will start to run less efficiently. By upgrading to a new model, you can take advantage of today’s advancements in efficiency, and save up to 20%-40% off your cooling bills.

If you are considering a new A/C installation, talk to our cooling experts at Conditioned Air to learn about your options. We have been serving Naples, Fort Myers, Sarasota and the surrounding areas since 1962.