Save EnergyHeading out for summer vacation can be an exciting time for every member of your family. However, one thing you don’t want to have to worry about during vacation time is whether or not your energy bills are being unnecessarily increased by wasting energy at home. Here are some practical tips for how to save energy during summer vacation so you can enjoy your time away.

  • Use your programmable thermostat:Use your programmable thermostat and its pre-programmed set points to reduce the operation of your cooling system while you’re away. The thermostat can be set to provide a small amount cooling during the day so that the interior of your home doesn’t get too hot. It can automatically shut cooling down even more at night while you’re away.
  • Unplug energy-using appliances and devices:Before leaving for vacation, make sure to unplug appliances and devices that use standby energy. These can include computers, microwave ovens, stoves, televisions, and entertainment systems. Simply shutting them off will not be enough since they use small amounts of energy to maintain clocks, internal settings, and other features even when turned off. Unplug them completely or plug them all into a power strip that can be switched off when you leave.
  • Turn down the water heater:While you’re away on vacation, you won’t need hot water at home, so turning down the temperature settings on the water heater makes sense. Set the thermostat at well below the usual level or, if you are going to be gone for an extended period, shut the water heater off completely.
  • Close window blinds and curtains:Partially closing window blinds and curtains will help reduce sunshine getting into your home and increasing indoor temperatures. This will help keep the inside of your home cooler and prevent your air conditioner or heat pump from switching on unnecessarily.

For more than 53 years, Conditioned Air has been providing expert heating, cooling, and indoor air quality services to customers in Naples and throughout the surrounding communities in southwest Florida. Contact us today for more information on how to save energy during summer vacation.


Partner: E3 Building Sciences

E3 Building Sciences is a sophisticated engineering service company that, among other things, manages the EPA’s Energy Star program in the state of Florida. They contacted Conditioned Air to solve an odor problem that was traced to a brand new air conditioning system. The system was expensive but it was too big for the job and as a result failed to remove humidity. Due to the humidity, mold began to grow in the house. Conditioned Air was able to add two dehumidifiers, one of which was in a very challenging location, in order to solve the problem. Humidity dropped from an unacceptable level of 64% to 48%.

John Kiefer, cofounder of E3 building sciences, found Conditioned Air to be a natural choice based on his extensive Energy Star testing. He examined more than 250 Conditioned Air installations in Energy Star homes and found everyone to be up to specification. In his experience, that level of performance is extraordinary. John noted that he has worked with them on a number of large, complex projects and in each case found them both thorough and flexible.


Partner: Kraft Construction

The necessary improvements required the gutting and rebuilding of the tenant space. The project required demolition and relocation, rerouting of complex duct work, and relocating of HVAC controls.

Project Manager, Janet Cole, said that she chose Conditioned Air because she had heard good things about them. She was particularly impressed with their ability to operate autonomously.  Their high level of supervision delivered reliable performance and kept them from bothering her with any issues.

Janet told how our chief operating officer, Keith Walker, managed to obtain a required Certificate of Occupancy five minutes before Naples city offices closed so the project could be completed. As Janet summed up her experience, “Conditioned Air was absolutely professional and performed the job with no problems.”