Upgrading? Tips for Choosing a Central Air Conditioning System

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Air conditioning is important in Southwest Florida, and if you’re getting ready to upgrade your system, it’s critical to find one that both falls within your budget and that is efficient enough to keep you comfortable without making your utility bills skyrocket. Here are a few tips for choosing a central air conditioning system that… Read more »

What is the Average Air Conditioner Life Span?

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In Southwest Florida, air conditioning is vital to both your comfort and the value of your home. If you are selling your home, buying a home, or are simply curious about your current system, it’s good to know what the average air conditioner life span is and what can affect it. Typical Air Conditioner Life… Read more »

Understanding A/C Efficiency Ratings

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With the hot and humid weather of the Southwest Florida area, the overall efficiency of your air conditioning system can make a significant difference in your cooling costs during the summer. By understanding what each of the basic A/C efficiency ratings represent, you will be able to make an informed decision when purchasing a new… Read more »