3 Easy Ways To Help Control Summer Allergies

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With so many plants blooming, summer can be a difficult time for allergy suffers in Southwest Florida. While there is not much you can do about the pollen counts outside, there are several simple ways to control summer allergies inside your home, creating a comfortable retreat for the worst days. Service the Air Conditioning System… Read more »

How To Calculate Your Energy Usage

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Electricity costs can be significant in Southwest Florida, and if you would like to minimize your utility bills, the best way to start is by calculating your energy usage. Every appliance, light and electronic device has its own electricity requirements, and the first step in calculating your energy usage is determining what that figure is… Read more »

5 Plants That Help Clean The Air In Your Home

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Many of today‚Äôs building materials, furniture and flooring products contain potentially harmful chemicals that can off-gas for days, weeks or even longer after installation, and with homes that are highly insulated and tightly sealed to improve energy-efficiency, the effects of these chemicals on indoor air quality are significantly greater. In studies by NASA, the Associated… Read more »