The Latest in High Efficiency Air Conditioning Systems

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Air conditioners are a major source of energy usage in the Southwest Florida area, and as energy prices rise, energy-efficiency becomes even more important. If you have an air conditioning system that is several years old, there may be significant savings to be had by upgrading to a newer model. The latest high-efficiency air conditioning… Read more »

Why You Need a NATE Certified Technician

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The air conditioning and heating systems in your Florida home are not only important to your health and your comfort, but they also represent a significant investment. To protect that investment, it’s critical that repairs and maintenance be done only by professionals, such as NATE-certified technicians from a quality HVAC service. As a consumer, the… Read more »

Coping With Indoor Allergy Issues in the Summer

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As summer hits the Southwest Florida area and both the temperature and humidity rise, many people will be spending the majority of time indoors comforted by air conditioning. This can present problems for those with allergies, as indoor allergy issues will become more prevalent. There are, however, several steps that you can take to successfully cope with… Read more »