Attic Insulation is Important in the Summer, Too!

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Proper insulation is critical to the comfort of your Southwest Florida home, and it can help reduce your energy costs in both the winter and summer. One of the easiest ways to increase the energy efficiency of your home is by adding attic insulation. Why Attic Insulation Is Important During the Summer Most people know… Read more »

Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips for Peak Cooling Season

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Between the high temperatures and excessive humidity of the Southwest Florida region, peak cooling season can be difficult on air conditioning equipment, leading to inefficient cooling performance or major system malfunctions. With a bit of simple air conditioner maintenance, you can keep your home comfortable, protect your system, and keep your energy costs under control… Read more »

3 Common Causes of Noisy Air Conditioners

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Modern air conditioning systems are relatively quiet, and though some noise is to be expected, any sounds that are new, unusual or that have become louder should be investigated to prevent expensive damage to your system. Three of the most common sources of abnormal sounds include the fan belt, the electrical system, and the compressor,… Read more »