Understanding Insulation R-Values for a Comfortable Home

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Your home heating and cooling system is your primary tool for keeping your home comfortable, but insulation is another factor that can have a significant effect on indoor comfort. The type of insulation you use in your home must be carefully chosen, and the insulation R-values must be appropriate for your geographical area. Here is… Read more »

Troubleshooting Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home

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Uneven temperatures in your Southwest Florida home are not only uncomfortable, but they may also indicate a problem with your HVAC system or the house itself. By troubleshooting hot and cold spots in your home, you can find the source of the problem and take steps to correct it. Malfunctioning HVAC System An improperly-sized or… Read more »

Understanding MERV Ratings for Cleaner Air

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When choosing an air filter for your home heating or cooling system, you must be aware of the air cleaning and filtering capacity of the filter you choose. Filters have efficiency ratings that can help you determine which filter is best for your particular needs. These ratings, called MERV numbers, can tell you whether or… Read more »