We Keep Commercial Comfort Solutions Coming

From indoor air quality to energy savings, our commercial projects can benefit from our unrivaled level of professional knowledge and expertise. We maintain a full office staff of dispatchers, administrative personnel, and operations managers who provide a broad range of solutions to achieve the comfort and cost-saving results you require.

Whether you need to cool an entire office building, filter the air in a nursing home or just chill a wine cellar to a precise temperature, Conditioned Air can do the job.

Steering Your Project to Success from Start to Finish

Your commercial project should have exactly the right amount of air conditioning for its size and unique demand characteristics. That’s why Conditioned Air performs an in-depth load calculation prior to making any recommendations.

Our warehouse is well-stocked with the supplies, parts, and equipment essential for handling the most demanding commercial projects. What’s more, our on-site duct and sheet metal fabrication facility allow us to provide unparalleled customized solutions.

Because your construction challenges often require rigorous solutions, we work as a team with your architects and engineers to tackle the most complex problems and produce the best possible results.

Custom Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance Agreements

We know that you have a lot more on your plate than maintaining the AC systems in your buildings. Conditioned Air takes that worry off your hands and make sure your equipment operates at optimal efficiency and performance, reducing monthly and long-term costs. Learn all about our commercial maintenance plans here. (Insert link from commercial maintenance page)

Select from a broad range of quality AC systems with excellent warranties.

Conditioned Air carries a full line of name brand, high quality, heavy-duty commercial heating and cooling systems. We work directly with contractors and developers to get them the right systems at a cost-effective price.

If your existing commercial air conditioning system is in need of repair or maintenance, call us at 239-643-2445 for immediate or emergency service.

Commercial AC Leasing

Sometimes the smartest way to take control of your commercial building’s indoor comfort and costs is to lease your air conditioning equipment from Conditioned Air. The benefits can be substantial.

  • Conserve Working Capital When a business leases new air conditioning equipment, working capital is not reduced and bank credit lines are not affected. Working capital can be used elsewhere or kept in reserve for other needs.
  • Tax Deductible Lease payments may be fully deductible.
  • Less Initial Cost 100% of your equipment cost can be leased to include extended warranties. In most cases, we require no money down.
  • Help Eliminate Repair Costs You can upgrade all your air conditioning and refrigeration equipment today and reduce repair costs for many years.
  • Capital Budgets Many businesses have budget constraints. When faced with large bills, leasing new air conditioning and refrigeration equipment can solve the problem and keep costs within the capital budget.