Case Studies

6000 Square Foot Naples Luxury Home with Unexplained Odor Problem

Partner: E3 Building Sciences E3 Building Sciences is a sophisticated engineering service company that, among other things, manages the EPA’s Energy Star program in the state of Florida. They contacted Conditioned Air to solve an odor problem that was traced to a brand new air conditioning system. The system was expensive but it was too… Read More »

New York Melon Bank, Major Tenant Improvements on a 4000 Square Foot Commercial Building

Partner: Kraft Construction The necessary improvements required the gutting and rebuilding of the tenant space. The project required demolition and relocation, rerouting of complex duct work, and relocating of HVAC controls. Project Manager, Janet Cole, said that she chose Conditioned Air because she had heard good things about them. She was particularly impressed with their… Read More »

The Remodeling of the Timber Ridge Recreational Center That Involved a Significant Amount of New Construction

Partner: Professional Building Systems (PBS) As with many relatively complex construction and remodeling projects, the architectural drawings did not match precisely with the actual structure we encountered. We were able to work collaboratively with PBS to make sure that everything was located where it belonged, even when it did not match the original architectural plan.… Read More »

A Complex Residential Installation Requiring Commercial Grade Solutions

Partner: Kraft Construction We faced a difficult challenge for a large estate in Naples which involved the conversion from a water cooled condenser system to geothermal. The estate was more than 13,000 square feet and had 10 separate air conditioners with multiple zones. We worked with the team at Kraft Construction on a system that… Read More »

Hot Air Mystery Solved for Residential Client in New Home

Residential Client:  Irene Hujsa When Irene Hujsa moved to her house almost 3 years ago, she noticed that the kitchen always felt unusually warm.  She called a local air conditioning service and after several visits, they were unable to resolve the issue.  Instead, they provided excuses that she was cooking too much, or that the… Read More »